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Student Services FAQs

What types of resources are offered for Counseling Services?

Professional, personal, financial and academic counseling are available through the staff of Bellin College and the Employee Assistance Program (EAP) of Bellin Health System. The EAP program is designed to help the individual with any issues before they affect the person’s health, family life, or performance level.
There is no cost for initial assessment and short-term counseling. EAP can be contacted at: 920-433-7483 or 1-888-433-3111.

Students are encouraged to examine additional resources available if dually enrolled at another college.

Is there Day Care services available?

Encompass Early Education and Care Inc offers a discounted rate for childcare. Information regarding rates and availability can be obtained by calling 920-436-7540.
The address is: 2589 South Webster Ave, Green Bay.

What type of Health Services are available?

Health services for students are provided by the Bellin Employee Health Services. The Employee Health office also maintains the cumulative student health records.
Employee Health is located on the second floor of the 725 South Webster Avenue Building. Phone number: 920-433-3587.
Students can receive rapid strep throat cultures, flu shots, yearly TB tests free of charge. Students may seek consultation with the Employee Health Services nurse for short them care or any significant exposures or injury while performing clinical duties. .

What type of fitness opportunities are accessible?

Bellin College Wellness Center
The Bellin College campus has a Wellness Center accessible to students and college employees. The use of the exercise equipment and facilities are available at designated times. Showers and lockers are available. There is no membership costs associated with the use of the BC Wellness Center.
Bellin Health Fitness Centers
Bellin students are also eligible for membership at the Bellin Health Fitness Centers. Students receive membership at a prorated cost. If students use the facility a pre-determined number of times during the month, her/his cost for membership will be reimbursed. (Subject to current Bellin Health Policy.)
Bellin Fitness Center West (1630 Commanche Avenue, Green Bay)
Bellin Fitness Center East (3263 Eaton Road, Bellevue)
Bellin/Bond Community Center (1201 Park Avenue, Oconto)
XL & Bellin Fitness at Cornerstone (1680 Fernando Drive, De Pere)

Beyond the wide variety of exercise facilities, membership includes free participation in group fitness classes. Specialty classes and group personal training programs are available at a prorated rate. Each location has unique features and a variety of fitness programs. Students register and pay for their membership at the Bellin Health Fitness Centers.

What do I need to know about parking?

Parking Stickers:
Students are given 2 parking stickers upon admission to the College. Any changes in vehicle information should be communicated to the Student Service Office.
Parking While On Bellin College Campus:
We are excited about the parking that is available at our new Campus. We ask that students park in the front of the College and utilize the main entrance.
Parking During Clinical Assignments:
Students are expected to follow the parking procedures outlined for their clinical assignments. When students have clinical assignments at Bellin Hospital or St. Vincent Hospital, they are expected to utilize the Bellin Employee Parking Lots. These parking lots are located on Mason Street and some have shuttle services available.

How do I see or order my transcripts?

All requests for transcripts must be in writing. There is a fee for each transcript request (official or unofficial). Official transcripts bear the College seal and signature of the Registrar, and are generally sent directly to a third party upon the student’s request.

Official transcripts that are given directly to the student are so noted on the transcript and placed in a sealed envelope stamped with a statement that these transcripts are no longer considered official if the seal is broken. Unofficial transcripts do not have the College seal or the Registrar’s signature.
Transcripts are not released to students or graduates with “holds” (delinquent accounts, etc.) on their records.

When do I need to renew my TB testing and complete my CPR refresher?

CPR refreshers and TB testing is done in the month of May for all students intending to return the following academic year. Our Clinical Readiness Policy outlines our commitment to our clinical agencies that all students will be compliant with these requirements through the academic year. Thus, the May renewal keeps everyone compliant and ready for their clinicals!
If you are unable to have a TB test due to previous positive results, a Signs and Symptoms Form (available from the Student Service Office) will need to be completed during the month of May (after the Quantiferon Gold Test results or X-ray has been submitted).

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