Beyond the Classroom

There is so much more to experiencing Bellin College than a place for students to study, practice and learn.

It is a place where high school students can experience first hand if a career in nursing or medical imaging is for them through participating in a summer camp, attending Hands on Healthcare, observing a class, job shadowing, or speaking with program directors, students or alumni!

It is a place current students can participate in service learning and travel abroad to enrich their lives and practice the skills they learned in the classroom, in labs and during clinical.

It is a place fully engaged with our neighbors, community, businesses and individuals from all walks of life!

Explore opportunities with Bellin College!


Off-Campus Studies

The world is in your reach. Where will your Bellin College journey take you?

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High School Students

Find out if a career in nursing or medical imaging is for you!

Attend a summer camp, attend a Hands on Healthcare event with your school, observe a class, job shadow or speak with students, alumni or program director!

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Career Connection

Career Connection provides educators and students (high school, undergraduate and graduate) with information and opportunities related to pursuing careers in the growing healthcare field.

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