Bachelor of Science in Surgical Assisting

This program prepares you for the roles of a Surgical Technologist, who is responsible for creating the sterile field for a surgical procedure, handing of instrumentation and supplies, and anticipating the surgeon’s needs; as well as a Surgical First Assistant, who works closely with the surgeon providing aid throughout the procedure and independently closes wounds.

In this consecutive three-year program, students will learn the skills necessary for management of the sterile field and preparation of the operating room, while also expanding their abilities and knowledge to become an advanced member of the surgical team as a Surgical First Assistant. A surgical first assist anticipates the needs of the surgical team during the procedure and works closely with the surgeon by providing aid in surgical site exposure, bleeding control, wound closure, and performing any necessary intraoperative functions that help the surgeon carry out a safe operation with optimal results.

How would you like to be in a unique profession?

  • Challenging and fast-paced environment.
  • Experience a variety of surgical procedures and patients.
  • A profession that changes the quality of patient’s lives.
  • Get to experience human anatomy first-hand daily.
  • Advancements in technology for surgical procedures is ongoing.
  • A surgeon mentor will provide hands-on supervision and teaching to advance your surgical techniques such as equipment and tissue handling along with wound closure.
  • Throughout clinical rotations, you will have the opportunity to experience multiple surgical specialties.

This program is the ONLY Bachelor’s Degree program in the country for surgical assisting, and provides in depth training in surgical technology, office practice training, and surgical assisting.

“The BSSA program at Bellin College offers multiple areas of expertise for students to choose from. Graduates have great earning potential and the opportunity to quickly advance in their careers, with employment options throughout many communities. We are looking forward to working with students and graduates of this program.”

Maria Klim, Vice President of Surgery and Anesthesia Services, Bellin Hospital

Why choose Bellin College?

With our small class sizes, our three consecutive year program will provide you with excellent opportunities, resources, and state-of-the-art facilities to excel in your academic and clinical experience. In addition, our unique program will offer you:

  • Direct admission with no waitlist
  • Bachelor’s degree in three years
  • Utilizing advanced technology in the form of a synthetic cadaver (SynDaver), students are able to perform advanced surgical simulations.
  • Broad education that expands career opportunities beyond the operating room
  • Preparation for leadership roles
  • Better prepared to work as a member of the surgical team, which will improve employability
  • Tuition less than other health sciences roles
  • Employable prior to graduation
  • Foundation for advanced degrees (IE Physician Assistant)

Employment Opportunities Post-Graduation:

  • Hospital facility
  • Ambulatory Surgery Center
  • Work for a specific surgeon or surgical group
  • Join an established group of surgical assistants
  • Open your own business and work with several surgeons
  • Travel opportunities throughout the United States

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Please contact Bellin College Admissions at,
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