Distinguished Alumni Award

Each year, Bellin College presents one accomplished alumnus with the Distinguished Alumni Award. This award recognizes a graduate who has achieved outstanding accomplishments and who exemplifies the mission and values of Bellin College.

On even years (2024, 2026, 2028, etc.) the Distinguished Alumni Award will recognize an alumnus who has demonstrated clinical practice excellence, and on the odd years (2025, 2027, 2029, etc.) the award will recognize an alumnus who has achieved educational excellence. Please review the nomination criteria below:

Educational Excellence
Nominees for this award should:

  • Facilitate change and growth resulting in a positive impact on healthcare delivery.
  • Participate in research, publish, or make presentations on healthcare topics.
  • Participate in community affairs, legislation, or organizations that affect professional practice.
  • Promote the development of healthcare education.
  • Inspire others through service as a mentor/preceptor.
  • Demonstrate excellence in teaching and curriculum revisions.
  • Instill in students a passion for a career in healthcare and a desire to continue learning.
  • Demonstrate a commitment to her/his life-long learning.

Clinical Practice Excellence
Nominees for this award should:

  • Demonstrate clinical expertise and achievement in her/his chosen area of practice.
  • Have received recognition for exemplary professional practice.
  • Demonstrate leadership/mentorship that inspires peers.
  • Promote his/her profession though activities that advance and enhance the profession.
  • Participate in community affairs, legislation, or organizations that impact professional practice.

Nominees must be a graduate from a Bellin hospital or college program and will be reviewed based on the above criteria along with the below qualifications:

  • Must have graduated from at least one Bellin hospital or college program
  • Must have graduated 10+ years ago
  • Must demonstrate professional accomplishments in the field of study
  • Must demonstrate community service involvement
  • Must exemplify the mission and values of Bellin College

Anyone can nominate an alumnus for this award including family members, colleagues, college staff and faculty members, and alumni. Nominations are accepted on an annual basis. When submitting a nomination, the nominator must review the award criteria and complete the nomination form. All nominees will be required to submit a resume/CV to complete the nomination process.

Once the nomination deadline has passed, the selection committee, which consists of Bellin College employees and alumni, will review the nomination forms and vote on the winner. The winner will be recognized at the annual alumni gathering in the fall.

Nominate and Alumni today!

Questions can be directed to the Alumni Relations Office at alumni@bellincollege.edu or 920-433-6654.

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