Orthopaedic and Manual Physical Therapy (OMPT) Fellowship

Our programs are committed to developing stewards of the physical therapy profession, evidence-based practitioners and clinician scientists. Graduates will be critical thinkers, reflective, empathetic, and lifelong learners.

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Orthopaedic and Manual Physical Therapy (OMPT) Fellowship

Bellin College’s OMPT Fellowship is an evolution of the highly regarded Evidence in Motion™ (EIM) OMPT Fellowship which has been a hallmark of the physical therapy profession in elevating clinical leadership. The AAOMPT-recognized Fellowship in Orthopaedic Manual Physical Therapy helps therapists gain the highest-level skills in the integration of advanced manual physical therapy techniques, educating students and fellow PT’s, performing clinic-based research, and leading in the business of PT.

The Bellin College OMPT Fellowship program is a 40 credit, flexible, cost-effective, and achievable program from a work/life balance perspective.  This program can be paced to accommodate personal life and spread over 18 months to 4 years. Data demonstrates that past-EIM Fellows perform in the top 10% of the profession (based on Focus on Therapeutic Outcomes™ scores). Graduates are primed for leadership in the teaching of orthopaedic manual physical therapy, as well as active participation and contribution to clinical research.

The Fellowship is accomplished through a dynamic fusion of didactic, collaborative, and clinical education experiences using a combination of distance learning, online courses, weekend intensive hands-on courses, and clinical practice hours.

The value of the Fellowship

View the article authored by past and current Bellin College program directors and faculty regarding the value of participation in the Fellowship.


Academic Plan

The OMPT Fellowship program is flexible, achievable from a work/life balance perspective, and cost-effective. Students may have already completed significant coursework towards Fellowship. This feasible program can be paced to accommodate personal life and spread over 2 to 3 years. Program starts in January or May.

Students with prior credits


Students with no credits


Program Goals and Outcomes

OMPT Fellowship Program Goals & Outcomes

  • Goal 1. The program will provide an innovative educational environment through the integration of modern learning tools with advanced professional clinical practice. (Excellence and Community)
  • Goal 2. The program will offer a flexible route for a diverse and inclusive group of physical therapists from across the United States to access and matriculate through post-professional fellowship training.  (Community)

OMPT Fellowship Participant/Graduate Goals & Outcomes

  • Goal 3. Program participants will demonstrate the integration of eclectic, person-centered, orthopaedic and manual physical therapy skills and techniques into an advanced clinical decision-making framework. (Excellence and Caring)
    • Outcome 3-1:  Program participants will have the skills to interact with physical therapy colleagues and other healthcare providers (general physicians, surgeons, nurse practitioners, physician assistants, etc.) confidently and professionally. (Excellence, Integrity – Professionalism, and Community)
    • Outcome 3-2:  Program participants will demonstrate skilled psychomotor performance and integration of eclectic, evidence-informed, person-centered orthopaedic and manual physical therapy assessment techniques and interventions. (Excellence and Caring)
    • Outcome 3-3:  Program participants will demonstrate an advanced clinical decision-making framework to provide evidence-informed, person-centered care effectively and efficiently.
    • Outcome 3-4:  Program participants will demonstrate advanced communication skills (verbal, non-verbal and written) within a sound decision-making framework when providing person-centered care.
    • Outcome 3-5:  Program participants will achieve FAAOMPT status.
  • Goal 4. Program participants/graduates will recognize the need for leadership roles in clinical practice, professional service, and advocacy within orthopaedic and manual physical therapist practice. (Integrity)
    • Outcome 4-1:  Program participants/graduates will initiate and/or grow into leadership roles in clinical practice, education, and/or the business of physical therapy.
    • Outcome 4-2:  Program participants/graduates will engage in professional service through the APTA (local chapters, state chapters, and national association), the AAOMPT, and/or physical therapy practices throughout the United States.

OMPT Fellowship Faculty Goals & Outcomes

  • Goal 5. Program faculty will develop physical therapists that value the principles of lifelong learning and evidence-informed practice and behave accordingly in their daily practice. (Excellence and Integrity)
    • Outcome 5-1:  Program graduates will demonstrate a commitment to lifelong learning through the enrollment in terminal academic degree education or post-professional certification programs.
    • Outcome 5-2:  Program participants/graduates will engage in clinical research that contributes to the progression of evidence-informed physical therapy practice.
Admission Requirements
Graduation Requirements

Graduation Requirements

  1. Completion of all academic didactic course work with an average grade of 90% or better.
  2. Complete 150 Clinical Mentorship Hours.
    • Must be performed with an approved FAAOMPT credentialed therapist
    • 75 hours may be accrued through virtual means
  3. Complete 1000+ clinical hours.
    • Clinical hours must reflect an adequate representation of a demographically/clinically diverse population as judged by the Program Director (based on the Description of Advanced Specialty Practice – DASP).
  4. Clinical Outcomes Data Submissions through the approved outcomes management system.
  5. Complete a comprehensive written examination, 4 technique examinations, 2 live patient examinations, with a grade of 90% or better.
  6. Completion of a scholarly project which may include poster or platform presentation, manuscript publication, preparation of a significant educational module for use.
  7. Performance of two high quality, in-depth, evidence-based presentations
Tuition and Fees

Tuition charges listed are for planning purposes only and are subject to change. Tuition and Fees Schedules are updated and published annually. 

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Course Delivery Method

Fellowship courses are delivered through a combination of online learning, as well as personal interactions within clinical and classroom/lab environment.  Delivery of the online learning content may occur through a blend of face-to-face activities, or asynchronous means.  Onsite weekend intensives are required for all management and technique courses.  Students will have the option of attending weekend intensives at sites throughout the United States.

Mark Shepherd, OMPT Program Director Ann Wasmund
Mark Shepherd,
Program Director
Ann Wasmund
Program Support
Tom Adderley,
Barbara Stevens,
Megan Robinson,
Marcos Lopez,
JJ Ferguson
Travis Gunderson,
JJ Ferguson,
Andrew Bernstetter,
Luc Hammond,
Elise Tamburelli,
Danielle Keldermans,
Frequently Asked Questions

Are transfer credits accepted?

Bellin College cannot accept/transfer credits toward completion of the OMPT Fellowship unless completed through Evidence in Motion ™. 

If you have already completed a Fellowship through another credentialed program, you may be eligible for transfer credit toward our Doctor of Science (DSc) degree.  See the Doctor of Science in Physical Therapy section below for further information.

Is financial aid available?

Students who are only completing the OMPT Fellowship are not eligible for federal financial loans, but may be eligible for private educational loans.  Students who commit to the entire DSc in PT program, which includes the fellowship, may be eligible for federal loans.

Am I able to utilize my Federal Veteran’s Administration (VA) Benefits?

Yes, contact the Bursar, Bellin College’s school certifying official at (920) 433-6640, bursar@bellincollege.edu or view the Bellin College veteran’s information page.

Is there a tuition deposit?

Yes, a $500 tuition deposit is due with return of the student acceptance contract and is credited toward tuition. 

What sort of payment plans are available?

Bellin College offers a per semester payment plan, additional information and how to enroll is included in the e-bill notification. Contact the Bursar Office at bursar@bellincollege.edu or (920)-433-6640 with any additional questions.

How long will it take me to complete?

The Bellin College Fellowship typically takes 24-36 months to complete, although fellows in training have 4 years (48 months) of enrollment to complete the program.  Exceptions to the time frame may be made by the Program Director on a case-by-case basis, with a firm limit of 60 months.

How many hours per weeks should I set aside?

Depending on the specific course, the fellow in training (FiT) should plan on spending on average 12-20 hours per week devoted to their studies.  This varies based on prior education preparation, which courses the FiT is enrolled in, and academic efficiency of each FiT.

How much travel is required?

FiT’s are required to attend the four core management class weekend intensives (WI’s) as a student, with sites available across the United States.  FiT’s may attend additional WI’s as desired at no additional cost.  There are also two required FiT-only weekend intensive courses to attend.  

Is the Fellowship accredited?

The Bellin College Fellowship is accredited by the Accreditation Council on Orthopaedic and Manual Physical Therapy Fellowship Education (a division of the American Academy of Orthopaedic and Manual Physical Therapists) as a post-professional fellowship program for physical therapists.

Additional questions?

Please contact admissions@bellincollege.edu or (920) 433-6650.

Mentorship Resources

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Please contact Bellin College Admissions at Admissions@bellincollege.edu,
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