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  • 95% Students receiving financial aid
  • 100% Undergraduate licensure pass rate
  • $2.6M in scholarship dollars awarded
  • 95% Students receiving financial aid
  • 100% Undergraduate licensure pass rate
  • $2.6M in scholarship dollars awarded
  • Welcome to Bellin College

    A career in healthcare provides a chance to help, heal, and bring hope; a chance to learn and to find a purpose, fulfill a passion and gain a life of rewards. At Bellin College we are devoted to providing you with an excellent education that fulfills this promise and prepares you for the demands of the rapidly changing healthcare environment. Founded in 1909, Bellin College is a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit institution, and one of Wisconsin’s premier private colleges specializing in nursing and medical imaging.

    Bellin College offers such a personal collegiate experience, carries its values into everyday learning and provides a critical foundation for students to carry with us into our careers.

    Ashley Fenn, BSRS

    The technology that is available for us to learn with, personable staff, and small class sizes were the huge factors that drew me to Bellin, and why I decided to pursue my dreams there.

    Kayla Bauer, BSN 2020

    I chose Bellin College because I fell in love with the top of the line technology, the small class sizes, the friendly atmosphere, and the unique program.

    Ivy Williams, BSDMS

    Attending Bellin College was a very easy decision as no one will ever find a better school with professors who not only care about their students’ education, but about the students themselves.

    Kayleigh Baranczyk, BSN 2021

    Another reason I chose Bellin College was for their direct admissions. I didn’t want to wait to continue my education, and now I will be able to get my bachelor’s degree in four years.

    Kayli Mallien, BSRS

    The 15 month program was a perfect fit since I already had many college credits from my previous degree that would apply to obtaining my BSN.

    Katherine Reinke, BSN

    Bellin College was a perfect fit. I jumped into nursing school with both feet and three young children and haven’t looked back.

    Ashley Wallner, BSN 2020

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