Financial Aid FAQs

Do I have to be admitted to Bellin College before I apply for financial aid?

You do not have to be admitted to Bellin College in order to file a FAFSA, however, you must have your application accepted by admissions before the financial aid office can make a financial aid award offer to you.

Should I bother to file a FAFSA even though I know my family makes too much money for me to qualify for aid?

Yes.  Every student who meets the US Department of Education’s minimum eligibility criteria will qualify for a minimum of a federal unsubsidized student loan. It is often difficult to know based solely on income if you qualify or not without actually applying for aid.  If you file a FAFSA and learn that you are not eligible for aid other than an unsubsidized loan, you are not obligated to take that loan.  Should you decide at any time during the academic year that you want to borrow the loan, it will be available for you to take advantage of.  If you do not file a FAFSA, a federal student loan is not available.

When will I receive my Financial Aid Money?

Student accounts will be credited beginning on the first day of classes, as funds are available. To ensure availability of funds, please be sure to submit all required documents, accept aid awards in your student portal, and complete any additional steps as instructed by the Financial Aid office, in a timely manner. Refunds are distributed by the Bursar.

Do I have to be a full-time student to receive financial aid?

No. However, most aid programs do require at-least-half-time enrollment, such as federal student loans and state funded programs.

Is it possible to receive aid in excess of my tuition and fees charges?

Yes.  Students (or parents) may receive aid in excess of tuition and fees charges, usually in the form of federal or private education loans.  Excess aid is expected to be used to pay for other related educational expenses such as travel, living expenses, books, supplies, etc.  When a credit balance (or refund) is created on the student’s account, BC will issue a refund check to the student (or parent if the credit is due to a Federal PLUS Loan).

If my financial aid is not sufficient to pay all of my charges, what are my options for payment?

Other financing options include Federal PLUS Loans (federal loans for parents or graduate students) or private education loans; in addition, Bellin College does offer an installment plan to allow students and their families to divide the balance due into multiple payments. Information regarding our installment plan can be obtained by contacting the Bursar’s office at (920) 433-6640, or by

How do I pay for my books?

The College partners with MBS Bookstore for the provision of textbooks/resources for all programs, options/tracks. Payment is made by credit card. It is expected that students pay for their books with their own resources. 

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