Frequently Asked Questions

Tuition & Fees FAQs

Can a student make payments throughout the semester?

For those in semester long courses the plan offered is three payments during the semester.  There is a $10 fee for this option.  The initial due date is the same if you are making installments or not and the remaining two fall approximately a month apart.

Do parents receive a tuition statement?

The student is the one who holds the account and held responsible for making sure the bill is paid.  Statements are sent to them at the address they designate as Primary and it is the student’s responsibility to communicate any information to the parent.

How can you obtain your balance or find out account information?

Students can look up their balance and all transactions in the college’s student information system, CAMS, or they can come to the Bursar’s office for a copy of their statement.  Tuition due dates are published on the Academic calendar and the additional installment dates are posted in the Student newsletter.

What does it mean if there is a Hold on my account?

If a student fails to meet tuition payment deadline a Hold will be placed on the account.  This prevents the student from being able to get transcripts or register for additional courses.  The Hold is released when adequate arrangements are met with the Bursar.

Why would I receive a check from Bellin Health?

If you pay more than you owe or if you receive more than enough financial aid to cover your bill, creating a negative balance, you will receive a refund check.  This typically occurs toward the beginning of the semester when we receive loan disbursements.  Students are notified through email when they arrive and can either pick up in the Bursar office or request to have the check mailed.

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