Academic Regalia

Full academic regalia is required to participate in the commencement ceremony. Please make sure you fill out this portion of the Intent to Graduate form correctly to ensure proper fitting of your gown.

  • Bachelor’s degree students will receive a gown, cap and apricot tassel. You may decorate your cap how you would like, making sure to keep your décor appropriate and tasteful. Administration reserves the right to remove any caps that do not follow our values.
  • Master’s degree students will receive a gown with an oblong extended sleeve. Students will also receive a hood. 
  • Doctoral degree students will receive a gown that is more elaborate than the undergrad or graduate gown. The hood is also longer and wider. Photos of these gowns are available to view below. You can use our Student Regalia order site through Balfour, one of the vendors we use. (This takes you to a separate site and is handled by the vendor. Any questions can be directed to the Contact Us section on that site.) Please note the deadline to order at the top of the form.

All graduates are asked to remove your gown from the plastic and try it on as soon as you receive it. Please note: gowns fit each person differently due to body styles. The bottom of the gown should rest anywhere between your knees and ankles. The arms may cover your hand, but shouldn’t be any longer than the tips of your fingers. The body of the gown may or may not have extra room. Should you have any concerns regarding fit, please contact the Advancement & Alumni Relations office at (920) 433-6655 or in person on the 1st floor of the college, room 101. Every effort will be made to allow the proper fit if brought to our attention immediately. Waiting may result in extra rush shipping fees.

Those that qualify for honors should have a set of apricot cords with their regalia at pick up. If you do not, please bring it to our attention. * If you belong to the Kappa Pi or Lambda Nu honor society, you should have cords coming from a Bellin College faculty member. Ask your Dean if you do not have them. 

*Honors are based on the last graded term before graduation. Only those that qualify with a 3.5 GPA or higher at that time will be printed in the program or in the newspaper. If you have any questions, please contact the Registrar, Russ Leary.

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