Crime Log

To keep the college community informed about campus crime, and to be in compliance with the Clery Act, Bellin College maintains a Crime Log that publishes information about reported crime on Bellin College’s property and public property adjacent to the campuses as defined by the Act. Bellin College does not have any non-campus property. The log is updated within two business days of Bellin College Security receiving a crime report. In compliance with the law, the log does not include crimes that occur outside of Clery geography.

Crime data for the log is gathered from multiple sources including calls for service to security, information gathered from student disciplinary actions, statistical crime reports filed by Campus Security Authorities (CSAs), Title IX complaints, and alerts from the Brown County Sheriff’s Office. CSAs are designated employees who have the responsibility to receive information about criminal activity affecting the College, and who are required to forward information about reported criminal activity to the security team or to local law enforcement officials.

A copy of the log, which is maintained for 60 days from when a crime was reported, can be viewed online here or in person at the front desk at either Bellin College campus, located at 3201 Eaton Road or 2620 Development Drive, Green Bay, WI 54311.

Crime Log Disposition Definitions

  • Internal Report Only – Report used for internal documentation.
  • Pending – Investigation is in process.
  • Report Filed with LE – Report filed with law enforcement.
  • Arrest – An arrest has been made by law enforcement.
  • Unfounded – Law enforcement determined the complaint is false or baseless.
  • VC Refused LE Report – The victim did not want to file a report with law enforcement.
  • VC Refused to Report – The victim did not want to file any report (even internal).

For more information about Bellin College and the Clery Act, please contact Bellin College Security at 920-433-6698, 920-433-4316 or by email at bcsecurity@bellincollege.edu.

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