BSN Junior Transfer Option

Nursing – Junior Transfer Option

2020-2021 Tuition and Fees Schedule

Tuition charges listed are for planning purposes only and are subject to change. Tuition and fees schedules and curriculum plans are updated and published annually. Students who do not follow the published curriculum plan may have tuition charges adjusted accordingly. For more information, contact the Bellin College Bursar at (920) 433-6640.

Tuition & Fee Estimate

Download a printable Tuition and Fees Schedule

College Level  Fall Winter* Spring Summer Fees Total      
Freshman       $2,994 $505 $3,499
Sophomore $13,972 $1,996     $825 $16,793
Junior     $11,976 $8,982 $750 $21,708
Senior $11,976   $11,976   $980 $24,932
Total Tuition and Fees – Bachelor of Science in Nursing $66,932 64 nursing credits

*Winter tuition is billed the following spring semester

Financial aid and scholarships available to those who qualify.

Please see the Academic Plan for prerequisites and parameters for this option.

Please see the Fee Definitions page for a specific cost breakdown of fees for this program.


Contact the Bellin College Bursar at (920) 433-6640
or email

Tuition based on $998 per program credit and $324 per general education credit.

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