Distinguished Alumni Award 2023 Goes To Dr. Amber Young-Brice!

Congratulations to Dr. Amber Young-Brice, our 2023 Distinguished Alumni Award recipient!

Dr. Amber Young-Brice is a two-time Bellin College alum, receiving her BSN in 2006 and her MSN in 2010, before moving onto UW-Milwaukee for her PhD. Dr. Young-Brice began her professional career as an instructor at Bellin College while completing her master’s degree. After her time at Bellin College, she moved to Marquette University as a clinical instructor, an assistant clinical professor, and an assistant professor. Dr. Young-Brice has won a variety of awards for her teaching, she has published four manuscripts in peer-reviewed journals and has presented research at multiple national and international conferences. As an assistant professor at Marquette University, Dr. Young-Brice is committed to excellence in all she does to exemplify the Bellin College values in the nursing field.

Congratulations, Amber!

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