New Student Spotlight: Emma Barfknecht

Emma Barfknecht

Emma Barfknecht | Wabeno | Nursing

  • – Congratulations on acceptance to Bellin College. What made you choose this field of study?

I’ve known since I was little that helping people and forming connections with others were two things I was very passionate about. With this career, those two characteristics are very important. I really enjoy pushing myself academically and I’m very excited to continue doing that throughout my nursing career. I’ve dreamt about this opportunity for most of my life and I can’t wait to get started!

What attracted you to Bellin College?

A few close family friends attended Bellin College, so it had always been on my radar. The 15-month accelerated program caught my eye while I was researching nursing schools and that combined with the excellent things I had heard about the educational programs was enough to get me to submit my application. However, it was really the personal touches that made me commit. I attended UW-Madison for my first two years so when I got in touch with an adviser and he stuck with me through the whole process, I really loved how I was treated as more than a number.

What are you most excited about coming to Bellin College?

I am very excited about finally delving into the subjects that I’m genuinely interested in. I’m excited to experience the small class sizes that give me more time for one on one with the professors and a chance to really get to know my classmates!

What are your hobbies when not studying for class?

I LOVE to bake. From muffins to cookies to pies to cakes, almost every day I’m in the kitchen baking something. When I’m not studying or baking I like to find things to do outside. I like to hunt, hike, and take rides in the side by side through the woods. I also spend a lot of time with my dogs!

If you could have any superpower, what would it be?

If I could have any superpower I would want to be able to teleport. Unlimited traveling! France for breakfast, Hawaii for lunch, and Italy for dinner? Sign me up.

Do you have any pets? If so, what kind?

I have 2 cats, 3 adult dogs, and 8 puppies! I also have 6 cows at home on our hobby farm. I grew up with chickens, dogs, cats, horses, donkeys, cows, and even a llama at one point! I love animals.

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