Bellin College moves some courses online, clinical and lab continues as normal

Bellin College has been monitoring the current COVID-19 situation and has been assessing how this will impact our events moving forward. When students return from Spring Break on March 23, theory portions of courses will be moved to an online or other format determined by course facilitators through April 5. At this time, lab experiences on campus and clinical experiences will continue as scheduled.  

The college will be canceling all outside meetings/events until further notice with steps being taken to limit numbers in staff and faculty meetings, many being in a virtual format.

College administration has chosen to cancel the following upcoming campus events: Staff development day, outside recruitment/events, Hands on Healthcare events through April 5 (on and off-campus), New Student Reception and Campus Preview Day. This list could grow as the situation continues.

This is an evolving situation and could change rapidly. College leaders continue daily to monitor local and national resources and discuss the situation and will provide updates as new information becomes available. 

The college will be open as scheduled for business and operations.

Parents and students with questions or concerns may contact Dean of Students Nancy Burruss at (920) 433-6632.

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