Orthopaedic and Manual Physical Therapy Fellowship Goals and Outcomes

OMPT Fellowship Program Goals & Outcomes

  • Goal 1. The program will provide an innovative educational environment through the integration of modern learning tools with advanced professional clinical practice. (Excellence and Community)
  • Goal 2. The program will offer a flexible route for a diverse and inclusive group of physical therapists from across the United States to access and matriculate through post-professional fellowship training.  (Community)

OMPT Fellowship Participant/Graduate Goals & Outcomes

  • Goal 3. Program participants will demonstrate the integration of eclectic, person-centered, orthopaedic and manual physical therapy skills and techniques into an advanced clinical decision-making framework. (Excellence and Caring)
    • Outcome 3-1:  Program participants will have the skills to interact with physical therapy colleagues and other healthcare providers (general physicians, surgeons, nurse practitioners, physician assistants, etc.) confidently and professionally. (Excellence, Integrity – Professionalism, and Community)
    • Outcome 3-2:  Program participants will demonstrate skilled psychomotor performance and integration of eclectic, evidence-informed, person-centered orthopaedic and manual physical therapy assessment techniques and interventions. (Excellence and Caring)
    • Outcome 3-3:  Program participants will demonstrate an advanced clinical decision-making framework to provide evidence-informed, person-centered care effectively and efficiently.
    • Outcome 3-4:  Program participants will demonstrate advanced communication skills (verbal, non-verbal and written) within a sound decision-making framework when providing person-centered care.
    • Outcome 3-5:  Program participants will achieve FAAOMPT status.
  • Goal 4. Program participants/graduates will recognize the need for leadership roles in clinical practice, professional service, and advocacy within orthopaedic and manual physical therapist practice. (Integrity)
    • Outcome 4-1:  Program participants/graduates will initiate and/or grow into leadership roles in clinical practice, education, and/or the business of physical therapy.
    • Outcome 4-2:  Program participants/graduates will engage in professional service through the APTA (local chapters, state chapters, and national association), the AAOMPT, and/or physical therapy practices throughout the United States.

OMPT Fellowship Faculty Goals & Outcomes

  • Goal 5. Program faculty will develop physical therapists that value the principles of lifelong learning and evidence-informed practice and behave accordingly in their daily practice. (Excellence and Integrity)
    • Outcome 5-1:  Program graduates will demonstrate a commitment to lifelong learning through the enrollment in terminal academic degree education or post-professional certification programs.
    • Outcome 5-2:  Program participants/graduates will engage in clinical research that contributes to the progression of evidence-informed physical therapy practice.
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