Alumni FAQs

What constitutes Bellin College alumni status?

A Bellin College alumnus is defined as any person receiving a degree from Bellin College.  The graduate will automatically be a part of the alumni association.

What is the alumni council?

The alumni council is a group of volunteer alumni that meet five times a year to provide guidance and support in event planning and to present new, exciting ideas in all aspects of alumni.  All members take an active role in promoting and strengthening the relationship between the college and its alumni. The council will meet periodically and currently consists of volunteers representing a range of class years, interests and professions.

How do I become a member of the alumni council?

Becoming a member is an easy and informal process.  Please contact the Bellin College alumni relations department for more information. The office phone number is: (920) 433-6654, or you can email

How do I get proof of graduation or a copy of my transcript and or GPA information?

Transcripts may be obtained online through Transcripts on Demand. Please see the Transcript Request page for more information.

How can I update my address listing or personal information?

You may update your address and any other information by completing the online form and emailing it to Your information will be routed to the alumni relations contact.

If I have a comment, suggestion, or concern regarding alumni relations, who do I contact?

You can either call the alumni relations office at (920) 433-6654 or fill out the online form.

Where can I find contact information for former classmates, or how do I get a list of fellow alumni?

We ask that you please call the alumni relations department for this information at (920) 433-6654.

Can alumni use the Phil and Betsy Hendrickson Library?

Yes, the library is available to alumni.  Please contact the librarian at (920) 433-6660 for the hours of operation.

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