Nishioka Faculty Award

2023-2024 Nishioka Faculty Excellence Award
Call for nominations and nomination form

PURPOSE:  The purpose of the Faculty Excellence Award is to:

  • reward positive fulfillment of the professional roles of the nursing faculty;
  • motivate further achievement; and
  • promote Bellin College visibility in the community.

CRITERIA:  The award criteria involve six areas as detailed in the nomination form (see below).  Nominations do not require all six criteria to be addressed; therefore, you may complete whichever criterion or criteria you find applicable to your nominee.  However, for each criterion you do address for your nominee, do so as completely as possible, i.e. use examples, etc.

If you have any questions regarding the criteria and/or submission of a nomination, please contact the Selection Committee Chair:

Meghan Liebzeit, Assistant Professor
3201 Eaton Rd., Green Bay, WI 54311, Office: 225
Phone: 920-433-6679

ELIGIBILITY:  Individuals eligible for the Faculty Excellence Award include nursing faculty, adjunct nursing faculty, and those administrators with teaching responsibilities in the nursing program.  However, there must be a minimum of a three-year period between awards; therefore, the following past award recipients are not eligible for nomination this year: 

  • Sue Poppel, 2023
  • Ruth Rodda, 2022
  • Meghan Liebzeit, 2021

NOMINATION DEADLINE: 4:00 p.m. on April 1, 2024.

NOMINATIONS:  The nomination process is as follows:

  • Nominations meeting eligibility criteria will be accepted by individuals from the College community: students, faculty, staff, administrators.  Nominations from or by a group will not be accepted. Incomplete nominations will not be accepted. 
  • Nominations are to be submitted confidentially completing the nomination section (see page 2) of this document. Nominations will also be accepted via e-mail or letter with the requirement that it cites the specified award criterion or criteria for your nominee.  Additional material to support your nomination may be submitted.
  • Nominations are confidential until the recipient is announced at the All College meeting in the spring.

CRITERIA NOTE – Please type your response immediately below each criterion as applicable to your nomination. Please feel free to provide supporting documentation. Should you wish to submit your nomination via e-mail or letter, you may do so but must cite the criterion or criteria for your nominee as listed below.

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