New Student Spotlight: Nyla Albrecht

Nyla Albrecht | BSDMS | Hortonville, WI

Congratulations on acceptance to Bellin College. What made you choose this field of study?
Sonography interested me because I can help guide others in finding out what is wrong with each patient. I’m also interested in learning about a wide variety of organs in the human body and the several different ways to scan it.

What attracted you to Bellin College?
I went to a very small school and Bellin College stood out to me by fitting the same criteria. At Bellin we will all have the opportunity to have one on one conversations with teachers and professors. Whereas, at some schools you won’t be able to receive that. At Bellin students are not just a number, we are known by name, inside and outside of our time with the college. 

What are you most excited about coming to Bellin College?
Meeting new people here at Bellin is exciting. It is definitely a hard experience when we have to start something new like this, but by creating relationships with my friends and teachers here at Bellin will make my time with the college even better. I am really excited to finally start my new journey in health care,
and continue to make my goals come true.

Tell us about yourself
My name is Nyla Albrecht and I am from a small town in Hortonville, Wisconsin. I went to Saint Mary Catholic all of my years of schooling. I love to play soccer, go hiking, or anything in the outdoors! I enjoyed working at all my jobs, which included, a CNA at an assisted living home, daycare, and nannying throughout the years. I have two older siblings, and both of my parents work in healthcare. Also, I love to
spend time with my family and friends!

If you could have any superpower, what would it be?
If I had any superpower I would either chose to have ultimate healing powers, or to eat whatever I want, anytime or anyplace.

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