New Student Spotlight: Ella Bialkowski

Ella Bialkowski | BSRT | Green Bay, WI

Congratulations on acceptance to Bellin College. What made you choose this field of study?
My basketball coach is also a radiation therapist so she has taught me a lot about what she does. I was really interested in what she did!

What attracted you to Bellin College?

I loved how small the class sizes were and how much the professors cared about the students! It is also very close to my house, and not many schools in Wisconsin offer it!

What are you most excited about coming to Bellin College?
I’m excited about meeting friends and getting to know my professors. I’m super excited to use the technology!

What are your hobbies when not studying for class?
I love to play basketball, go shopping, camping and just spending time with my family and friends.

If you could have any superpower, what would it be?
I think it would be cool to be able to be invisible so that I could go places without people knowing:)

Do you have any pets? And if so, what kind?
I have one dog named louie, and two cats named tinker and ace.

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