Bellin College moves to test-optional school for 2021

Bellin College will be moving to a test-optional admissions model beginning with its fall 2021 freshman class. This means traditional freshman applicants will not be required to submit either ACT or SAT results to be considered for admission to the college.

To better fit the current higher education landscape, Bellin College will allow students to decide to not submit ACT or SAT scores as a part of the admissions review process. This allows the college to utilize a holistic admissions model that gives more ownership to the student in the process of crafting their application to our programs.

We realize that students, more often than not, will still decide to submit their scores for review, and we will continue to review those scores as a part of the admissions process. However, this allows Bellin College to be more accommodating to our students from all backgrounds, especially those that may not have proper access to adequately prepare for a standardized test.

“We do realize that students will take advantage of this option, given standardized testing does not always showcase a student’s true talent,” said Forrest Buck, director of admissions and enrollment management. “The goal is to have students that may have been nervous to apply in the past because of below-average scores, to now be more confident in their decision to apply to Bellin College knowing the scores are no longer a factor.”

The test-optional choice will be available for all undergraduate traditional freshman that would be applying to Bellin College programs starting in the fall 2021 term. Students will still have access to scholarship opportunities but will still want to submit test scores to determine eligibility for additional funds.

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