Title IX training

2020 SafeColleges Online Training – Staff

  • Title IX and Sexual Misconduct
  • Diversity and Inclusion: Faculty and Staff
  • Student Drug & Alcohol Abuse for Staff

2020 SafeColleges Online Training – Students

  • Title IX Rights and Protections
  • Diversity Awareness for Students
  • Alcohol Awareness for Students

WAICU Compliance Summit (2020)

  • Returning to Campus in a Time of Great Social Change
  • Thinking Strategically About the New Title IX Regulations

SafeColleges (2020)

  • New Title IX Regulations: Nine Key Takeaways for Fall Planning

WAICU Title IX Training (2020)

  • Top IX Duties for the Title IX Coordinator

Husch Blackwell Webinar (2020)

  • Final Title IX Regulations and Their Effect on Your Campus
  • The Impact of Title IX Regulations on Faculty and Employees
  • Before the New Title IX Rules Drop

NASPA Student Affairs Administrators in Higher Education

  • Late Breaking Title IX in 2020

Office of Civil Rights (2020)

2019 SafeColleges Online Training – Staff

  • Diversity Awareness: Staff-to-Staff
  • Student Drug & Alcohol Abuse
  • Title IX: Roles of Responsible Employees

2019 SafeColleges Online Training – Students

  • Alcohol Awareness for Students
  • Diversity Awareness for Students

Title IX Rights and Protections

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