Student Foundational Behaviors

Bellin College Student Foundational Behaviors were developed as a framework to prepare health professional graduates for the work needed to transition into an interprofessional healthcare system. The eight foundational behaviors are core skill sets consistent with and support the overall Mission and Values. They ensure students know the expected behavior associated with being a student at Bellin College. New graduates will also be career-ready with the competencies expected by the 21st century employers. Students competent in the foundational behaviors will have the knowledge, skills, and attitudes needed to succeed or manage their careers. Eight core competencies are identified as foundational to student behavior:

  1. Be a Team Player
  2. Use Effective Communication
  3. Information Technology
  4. Professionalism
  5. Diversity & Inclusion
  6. Personal and Professional Growth
  7. Emotional Intelligence
  8. Service
Be a Team Player   Diversity and Inclusion
I will work collaboratively with my peers and others.  When problems arise, I will be part of the solution and embrace change with an open mind.  I will be an active, contributing member of Bellin College.   I will create a safe place where people feel empowered.  I will work to remove barriers for those with marginalized identities.  I will be open to feedback and committed to personal growth surrounding issues of social justice and equity.  I realize bias exists, and I will work to address those biases within myself and others.
Use Effective Communication   Personal and Professional Growth
I will actively listen and use appropriate verbal and nonverbal language, asking questions and clarifying when I do not understand.  I will seek out the source of information.  I will share my observations and concerns in a constructive manner, while honoring confidentiality.  I will work to build and maintain trust.   I will represent the programs and services of Bellin College in a positive manner, both internally and externally.  I will seek opportunities for personal and professional growth.
Information Technology   Emotional Intelligence
I will use technology and BS resources appropriately.  I will use a variety of professional resources to inform my decisions.  I will embrace and use new and emerging technology.  I will understand the importance of privacy and potential abuses of protected patient / college information.  I will maintain professional boundaries when using social media.   I will have a good understanding of my own strengths and weaknesses.  I will assess and manage my emotions and those of my peers and others.  I will encourage people and celebrate their growth, efforts, and contributions.  I will help my peers and others when they struggle or fail. 
Professionalism   Service
I will adhere to the code of ethics and score of practice for my chosen profession and protect the patient’s right to quality care.  I will understand my role and my responsibility to respond in a timely manner, following through on all commitments I have made.  I will exercise sound reasoning to analyze issues, make decisions and solve problems.   I will be positive, friendly, and kind in my interactions.  I will place people before tasks.  I will strive to serve the needs of internal and external communities.
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