Graduate Physical Therapy Admissions

Admission Requirements

Doctor of Physical Therapy (DPT)

Requirements for Admission
  • Completion of a Bachelor’s Degree from an accredited institution of higher education
  • Recommended cumulative ≥ GPA 3.0; or ≤ 3.0 with cumulative GPA ≥ 3.50 over last 60 SH/90 QH
  • Pre-requisite class
    • Recommended GPA ≥ 3.0, with no course less than “C.”
    • All courses need to be completed within ten years before application, except Anatomy/Physiology, which must be completed in the last five years. Exceptions may be made for practical work experience relevant to the physical therapy field.
    • 1 semester Human Anatomy with lab*
    • 1 semester Physiology with lab (may take 2 semester sequence Anatomy/Physiology)*
    • 2 semester Chemistry with lab*
    • 2 semester Physics with lab
    • 2 semesters Biology with lab* (Exercise Physiology class with lab may be substituted for one Biology class)
    • 2 semesters Psychology*
    • 1 semester Statistics*
    • 1 credit Medical Terminology*
  • GRE (Graduate Record Examination) completed within 5 years prior to application (≥ 40th% desired, but not required)
  • Exception: Applicants with graduate degree from regionally accredited institution may report earlier GRE scores. Transcripts of post-graduation education must be provided.
  • Copy of your GRE score Report
    The institution code for Bellin College is 3239. It can take up to two weeks for us to receive official score reports from ETS (Educational Testing Service) plus an additional seven days for scores to match to the submitted application. 
  • Resume/CV: provide evidence of work experience, extracurricular, leadership and service
  • 2 references (at least one from former teacher and one from licensed medical professional)
  • Written statement of purpose
  • Observation hours: 8 hours minimum required, it is recommended that a variety of settings are observed – criteria is currently rescinded due to the COVID-19 pandemic

*Courses available at Bellin College

Applying to the DPT program

Please use the Bellin College graduate application to apply to the program. 

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Application Deadlines (TBD)

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Orthopaedic and Manual Physical Therapy (OMPT) Fellowship

Requirements for Admission

Educational Requirements

  • All applicants must have and submit a current license to practice physical therapy in a US state.  This license must not be under suspension, revocation, probationary status, or subject to disciplinary proceedings or inquiry  
  • Graduate of APTA accredited Orthopaedic Residency program (Sports residency will also be considered), ABPTS specialist certification (OCS), or demonstrable clinical skills in orthopaedic manual physical therapy.
  • APTA and AAOMPT Membership.
  • Current CPR Certification.
  • Possess adequate personal professional liability insurance that applies to all clinical settings in which they conduct clinical work (employer and mentorship hours).
  • One Letter of Recommendation.

To apply, please submit the following:

Application Deadlines 

View the OMPT Fellowship Program.

Doctor of Science in Physical Therapy (DScPT)

Requirements for Admission

Educational Requirements

  • All applicants must have graduated from an accredited school of physical therapy and must have and submit a current license to practice physical therapy in a US state.  This license must not be under suspension, revocation, probationary status, or subject to disciplinary proceedings or inquiry. 
  • Submission of transcripts from:
    • Undergraduate College/University
    • First Professional Education
    • Credentialed Fellowship Program.
    • Transcripts must be original copies.  If transcripts are not written in English, a copy in the original language and the English translation are required.
  • APTA Membership
  • One Letter of Recommendation
  • Professional Curriculum Vitae

Application Materials

Transferring Credits into the DScPT Program

Students who have completed or in the process of completing an American Board of Physical Therapy Residency and Fellowship Education (ABPTRFE) or Accreditation Council of Orthopaedic and Manual Physical Therapy Education (ACOMPTE) approved fellowship program can request an evaluation to indicate accepted courses and credits as transferable to satisfy Bellin College DSc requirements.  The factors for determining transferability are as follows:

  • Accreditation status of the previous institution(s) attended.
  • The quality of the student’s achievement.
  • Course content.
  • The dates the courses were completed.

Applicants may request an unofficial evaluation before application to the College. This is optional, as applicants will receive an official evaluation as part of the application process.  A 3.5 GPA requirement and grades of “AB” (90%) or above in each course must be met to remain a viable applicant.

A maximum of forty (40)  semester credit/hours (three-course units or their equivalents) may be approved for transfer credit. Transfer credits will be considered if the course(s) is similar in content and rigor to the Bellin College Doctorate of Science in Physical Therapy curriculum, and the grade must be at least an “AB” (90% and above). Grades of ”B”, “B-“, “B/C”, “C”, “C/D”, “D”, are not accepted. Only courses taken from a comparable, nationally accredited institution are acceptable. 

Credit may be given for terminal doctoral degree level bio-statistics classes, with successful passing of a competency examination in this area. 

The student must submit an official transcript, description and syllabi of the course(s) taken, to the DScPT Program Director for evaluation if the student believes the course is equivalent to a Bellin College graduate course. 

Transfer credit decisions are at the discretion of the Program Director. If approved, the transfer credit will appear on the transcript but will not be calculated into the student’s GPA.

Note that transfer credits cannot be applied toward the acquisition of the Bellin College OMPT Fellowship unless completed through Evidence in Motion ™.


For more information, please contact or (920) 433-6650.

Application Deadlines 

View the DScPT Program.


Please contact Bellin College Admissions @, 920-433-6650, or use our online contact form

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