Net Price Calculator

Net Price Calculator

Welcome to the Bellin College Net Price Calculator.  The calculator uses data you provide to estimate the amount of financial aid you may receive; it is not an offer of financial aid and may differ from the actual financial aid offer.  Your ‘net price’ is the difference between the standard costs of attendance and the amount of estimated aid. 

The calculator is designed for use by first-degree, full-time college freshmen; it is not intended for use by transfer students or continuing Bellin College students.  Keep in mind that the standard costs used in the NPC reflects that of a traditional freshman nursing student.

Bellin College offers a number of scholarship opportunities to incoming and continuing students. The NPC may not accurately reflect your eligibility for certain Bellin College Scholarships since the criteria for those may not be incorporated into the NPC calculation. 

Costs and actual aid for subsequent years may vary significantly from the freshman year based on credits enrolled, program of study, and other factors. The Cost of Attendance includes allowances for indirect expenses such as housing, transportation, and books which are not billed by Bellin College but are considered in determining financial need or financial aid eligibility.

While most Bellin College Scholarships do not require a student file the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA), all federal and state grant and loan programs do require the FAFSA be completed each academic year of enrollment. Students who file a FAFSA may be eligible for low-interest, deferrable loans through the Federal Direct lending Program; loan amounts vary based upon dependency status and grade level. The FAFSA may be filed at after October 1 of the fall before you plan to enroll. 

As you use the calculator, please remember:

  • This is not an application for financial aid.
  • The Net Price Calculator will only give you an estimate of the amount of grants and scholarships you may receive based upon historical averages for students of similar financial background. The data supporting these averages is based on a very small sample size; since the sample may not have included a student with exact financial circumstances to yours, the NPC makes certain assumptions in order to generate the estimated aid. 
  • If your parents are separated or divorced, you should complete a calculation using the financial information of the parent with whom you spend the most time or provides the most financial support.
  • The calculator does not consider any special circumstances. Discuss any unusual family or financial circumstances which cannot be reflected on the FAFSA with the financial aid office.  Such circumstances are reviewed on a case by case basis to determine if an exception will be allowed.    

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