Private Education Loans

Bellin College recognizes the fact that many students may need to rely on alternative financing options such as private education loans to meet educational costs. Private loans may provide the additional financial boost to help meet tuition and fees as well as indirect expenses such as books, housing, and transportation. While they are very useful, do not lose sight of the fact that these are loans which must be repaid, with interest, upon termination of enrollment at Bellin College. Do your research, compare lenders and options, determine your expected monthly repayment and how that may impact your future budget. 

FASTChoice™, is a free private loan comparison tool which may help you to choose a private loan that best suits your needs.  Keep in mind that you are not obligated to select a private loan listed within FASTChoice; you may borrow from any lender you choose. 

Within FASTChoice, you will see three options: 1) Undergraduate Student Borrowers, 2) Graduate Student Borrowers, and 3) Parent or Sponsor Loans. The Undergraduate Students link will display loans available to undergraduate students (working on a bachelor’s degree = BSN, BSRS, or DMS students). The Graduate Students link will display only loans available to graduate level students (working on a Master’s Degree or PhD = MSN students). The Parent or Sponsor link will display loans available for either a parent or ‘sponsor’ to borrow on behalf of a student. A sponsor can be anyone who is willing to borrow a loan to help a student with educational expenses. It may be a parent or a grandparent or an older sibling, aunt/uncle, next door neighbor, etc. 

Regardless of the lender or loan program, be sure to borrow responsibly–don’t borrow more than you need; take advantage of special discounts whenever possible; keep your lender informed of any changes to your information, and ask questions when you have them. 

You may apply to a lender via the link provided within FASTChoice, or you may contact your lender directly. 

Private Education Loan Self-Certification form     Code of Conduct for Educational Loans

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