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The world is in your reach…Where will your Bellin College journey take you?

There is a great deal to be gained from experiencing healthcare and culture outside of your everyday surroundings. Imagine the rich, diverse learning experiences that can help shape your college experience.



During January interim students have the opportunity to travel to Aldea Punta de Palma, Izabal in Guatemala.  The group of 14 selected students will have course content during the fall semester which will increase their knowledge of the Guatemalan culture and the health issues that are found in the city and rural communities.  The students will work alongside nurse practitioners and physicians to provide educational opportunities to the nursing staff within the Eliza Martinez Children’s Hospital in the city of Puerto Barrios, to set up a clinic in the city dump of Puerto Barrios, and to deliver health care to three area villages of Aldea Nueva, Rio Salado, and Baltimore.

Guatemala is a poor nation, with 74% of the population living in poverty, 54% living in extreme poverty,  and a per capital income of US $5,200/year. Guatemala has the largest economy in Central America but is among Latin American countries with the highest levels of inequality, with poverty, especially in rural and indigenous areas being one of the highest in the region.  An information session is held in early April.  Student Applications, along with 2 faculty references are submitted, with final selection of the group being made by early May.

The NUR 494C Immersion Clinical is a 2 credit  course corresponds with this mission opportunity and has the potential to fill the requirements for;

  • NUR 422Community and Public Health Clinical – 2 credit
  • NUR 468C Population Health Clinical – 2 credit
  • NR 482Public/Community Health Clinical – 2 credit
  • GE 494 Immersion Experience: This course may fulfill Diversity Requirement, General Elective, Humanities Elective, Social Science Elective or Upper Level Elective.  Course credits are variable, maximum of 3 credits, theory. 

Any question regarding the mission trip and course can be addressed to the mission and course facilitator; Lynn Murphy, or Beth Piontek,, travel course administrative assistant.

Additional opportunities are available to students to travel abroad with an outside university or a private group for course credit. In order to do this, students must receive approval from their program director and faculty of the course the travel experience is intended to replace to assure that it fits within the curriculum plan and the course requirements.

For more information, contact
Dr. Mary Rolloff, Dean of Nursing

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