Student Spotlight: Ava Murphy | NA

Ava Murphy | NA

Why would you recommend the Bellin College NA program?

I would recommend choosing the Bellin College NA program because of their exceptional course instructors. They work extremely hard to make sure you are understanding the material and want to answer all your questions to ensure you feel confident about your NA abilities when you complete the course. The instructors also offered many real-life past experiences they have had while working as CNAs, which provided interesting and educational insight about future situations you may encounter as a CNA.     

What did you find most interesting/useful about the program?

The Bellin College NA program provided me with the ability to spend many hours in the lab working with the mannequins and lab materials in order to practice both my skills and my patient interactions. Practicing in the lab allowed me to come out of the NA course with a lot more confidence in my abilities before entering the workforce. The instructors do a great job at correcting mistakes and giving suggestions in order to provide patients with the best care possible. 

Was it worthwhile? What would you say to someone considering taking the classes?

This course was very worthwhile to me. I came out of the class feeling very prepared for any situation I may encounter as a CNA. Since Bellin’s NA program is taught by instructors who are currently working in the nursing field, you gain knowledge beyond what is taught in the book. The instructors always added in tips from their own experiences working as a CNA or a Nurse which was overall very advantageous for us as students. 

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