NA student: Instructors want all students to succeed

Calle Johnson

Calle Johnson attended the Nursing Assistant program in Fall 2020.

» Why would you recommend the Bellin College Nursing Assistant program?

I knew that choosing to go through Bellin College for the Nursing Assistant program was the best decision I could ever make to start my CNA career because of the fact that it is a nursing school, so you’d just know that the instructors that were teaching the material were there for you. They knew what they were talking about and they all have experience in the nursing field.

You’d get stories, something to relate the material to so it wasn’t just an instructor reading off a PowerPoint. The class size was smaller, meaning you got more one-on-one time if you had any questions. Because of that, they can really watch your skills to make sure you’re doing it right and to the best of your ability. The instructors WANT you to pass, they WANT all the students coming through the program to succeed and to succeed greatly.

» What did you find most interesting/useful about the program?

Personally, I am a very hands-on learner. I need to demonstrate/work through what I have learned using my own hands. Not only that, but the instructors at Bellin College have made it so not only me, being a hands-on learner, but anyone with other learning preferences can learn to the best of their capabilities as well.

The instructors see to it that I, and others, get to learn the way we need to, to be as successful as we possibly can. With class sizes being smaller, I not only got to learn with my hands, but I also got corrections from the instructors as they watched me perform step-by-step skills and in a comfortable manner too.

» Was the program worthwhile? What would you say to someone considering taking the classes?

Taking the Nursing Assistant program at Bellin College was definitely worthwhile. I was so excited to go to class. Not only to gain knowledge, but because of the friendships I’ve made along the way, too. To anyone considering taking the class, I say do it. Bellin College will grant you comprehension of the material, and friendships that could make your experience worth it.

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