HSRC donates PPE, weathers new normal

One of the areas affected by the COVID-19 pandemic is the Health Sciences Resource Center at the college. Located in the lower level of the building, the HSRC is the resource all students utilize to practice skills they will need when they enter the work force.

Shortly after the need for Personal Protectice Equipment, or PPE as we’ve all learned, arose, the HSRC staff and Bellin College went through supplies and were able to donate to Bellin Health. Staff gathered supplies amounting to 640 masks, 172 isolation gowns and 15 surgical gowns to give to the health system to help in the fight against COVID-19.

Since the HSRC is one of the most hands-on areas of the college, it has been paramount to have a plan in place once students are able to return to campus. This summer, only the year-round Bachelor of Science in Diagnostic Medical Sonography students will be allowed to practice skills.

“We are looking forward to the students return, it just may be a little different than what we have done in the past,” said Bonnie Luebke, Health Science Resource Center Director and Simulation Coordinator.

While students and staff have largely been off campus, the HSRC staff cleaned and disinfected all areas and supplies that are used in simulation or practice labs.

Along with planning and prepping for the return of students, they hosted and taught a skills refresher course for Bellin Clinic staff, LPNs and medical assistants.

“We had 40 staff members go through multiple stations over 2 days,” Luebke said. “This gave the clinic staff time to practice skills that they don’t do at the clinic in order to prepare them for assisting at the hospital if needed especially if a surge occurs.”

HSRC Coordinators Bruce Chinen and Sarah Johnson have assisted faculty with nursing classes as well. They have each taken on a group of students to conduct online simulations with to replace vital clinical time using the i-Human simulation program.

When students are back on campus, the HSRC staff has planned and prepared for cleaning and disinfecting and social distancing measures

“We have determined some limitations on number of students allowed in the learning spaces in the HSRC, adding additional rooms or additional lab sections,” Luebke said. “Students will need to follow the rules set forth by Student Services department.” 

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