A career perspective from a 2014 Bellin College graduate

Ellen, BSRS Class of 2014Ellen Stiennon is a 2014 Bachelor of Science in Radiologic Sciences (BSRS) graduate from Bellin College. Ellen feels her education has prepared her to be successful in her career. She currently works in general diagnostic radiology at UW Health in Madison, WI. She is an objective level imaging specialist on the night shift and, being the most senior technologist on her shift, she often takes on the charge technologist role. “The four-year program offered extra time to become comfortable and confident in my future role, so I could really dive into my first job.” She added, “Even though we didn’t have access to a level one trauma center, which is where I work now, the foundation Bellin College provided me made it possible to build on my experiences and apply those skills to situations I may not
have seen before.”

Ellen loved the clinical opportunities and the variety Bellin College offered. “I met so many great people and learned so much ‘on the job’ that can’t be taught in the classroom. So many other programs throughout the state don’t offer more than one or two clinical sites, and the fact that we got to see so many different types of settings was such a positive thing.” The only thing that would have added to her experience is to have the opportunity to have more night clinical experiences because those are the shifts in which most graduates will start their careers.

Ellen recently had the opportunity to work with some recent graduates from the BSRS Class of 2016. She has expressed how much she enjoys working with them on her shift and teaching them how things work at UW Hospital. She has found there is a wide range of education levels, but the incoming techs who have a four-year degree tend to come in with more confidence. Ellen expressed, “It has been recognized by managers in my department that Bellin College graduates interview very impressively, and their training process goes by smoothly. Every Bellin College graduate who interviewed with UW Health in the last year was offered a position.” Radiology is a very interesting and rewarding career. If you are like

Radiology is a very interesting and rewarding career. If you are like Ellen and want a career that keeps you on your toes and is always exciting, but allows you the work-life balance to go home at the end of the day and leave work behind, this career is a perfect fit.

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Contributed by: Ellen Stiennon, BSRS Class of 2014

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