Bellin College Mission Trip to Guatemala 2017

On January 7-15, Bellin College students, faculty members, and Bellin Health medical providers traveled to Alda Punta de Palma, Izabel in Guatemala for a medical mission trip.

Mission activities that the students were involved with:

  • Traveling to the only publicly run children’s hospital in Guatemala, The Eliza Martinez Children’s Hospital in Puerto Barrios.
  • Setting up a clinic site at the Puerto Barrios dump where approximately 300 people live year round, making a living from finding, cleaning and recycling what they find in the dump.
  • Traveling to two remote villages in the jungle to set up a portable clinic site right in the village and will also be making calls on people who are unable to come to the clinic site.
  • Setting up a clinic site in an abandoned Teak Farm out in the jungle where one village will travel to them, many having to walk on foot for over an hour.

Malnutrition, respiratory illness, parasitic infections, dental disease/cavities and musculoskeletal injuries are just a few of the concerns the students addressed at these clinic sites.

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