Future Healthcare Heroes Fund

We are living in truly historic times. The COVID-19 pandemic has changed our lives and the way we approach the world dramatically. It also has certainly demonstrated that our mission of preparing quality healthcare providers is so very critical to communities across the globe.

The economic impact of COVID-19 has been especially detrimental to college students, many of which support themselves and pay for their education via part-time employment in the hardest hit area of the economy — the service industry. Bellin College students are no exception. Many students have minimal or no hours at the jobs they relied on to stay afloat and are finding they may not have the funds to continue their education at Bellin College. Our students are bright, hard working future healthcare providers who have come so far in their educational journeys and will make high-quality additions to healthcare teams throughout the country.

In an effort to help these deserving students continue their education, we are launching an appeal called Future Healthcare Heroes Fund. One hundred percent of the funds raised will be distributed to Bellin College students who demonstrate significant hardship due to COVID-19’s impact on the economy. Funds will be awarded in the form of tuition assistance.

Bellin College has produced many of the talented, hard working healthcare workers on the frontlines of today’s pandemic. Your investment in our students will ensure your family, friends, neighbors, and maybe even you, will continue to receive the very best care when you need it most.

Please considering donating today.

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