Career and Workplace Advice

Career and Workplace Advice

October 14, 2019 @ 9:45 am – 10:45 am
Room 112

Career and Workplace Advice:

Tonia Sprague, RN-BC, SCRN, CDP on the Diversity of the BSN: Various Positions and How Personality Type Matters

October 14 at 9:45am

Location: 112 

Speaker: Tonia Sprague, RN-BC, SCRN, CDP

Workshop Description: Tonia Sprague has been an RN for 9 years and has worked a variety of jobs. She is eager to share her experiences across a variety of jobs and environments with the students of Bellin College. This workshop is great for students who would like more information on the flexibility of the BSN. She has worked as:

  • an Assistant Director of an Assisted Living Facility
  • a Neuro ICU RN
  • an Operation Room Circulator
  • a Clinical Documentation Specialist

The workshop will conclude with a personality test and a discussion of what personality types best match various potential jobs for BSN students. Don’t miss this great opportunity to pick the brain of someone with varied nursing experience.

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