Afghan Refugees Donation Support

Afghan Refugees Donation Support

September 7, 2021 – September 30, 2021 all-day

Over the last couple weeks over 8,000 refugees from Afghanistan have arrived at Fort McCoy and they are now preparing for as many as 13,000. After arriving at the base, all refugees are given a medical evaluation, and many people have needed additional health care. “They’ve been through an extraordinary experience and a lot of emotional trauma, having fled under the circumstances that they had to.” None of the refugees at the base have Special Immigrant Visas, so they are undergoing immigration processes to ensure they’re ready to be settled and create new lives in the U.S. Once that immigration paperwork is completed, resettlement agencies will be called in to help. “They’re building a little bit of a community and people are processing what they’ve been through together,” an official said. “And our responsibility is to prepare them for the transition to the next chapter in their lives in America.”

With caring being one of Bellin College’s core values our hearts go out to the refugees. The college will be hosting a donation drive through the end of September. We will be collecting:

  • Clothing
  • hygiene products
  • blankets
  • toiletries
  • monetary donations – can be collected at the front desk in the One Stop

You can find the donation box near the entrance by the concierge desk. here are some additional resources:

Your giving is much appreciated.

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