Peer Tutoring

Bellin College strives to help students achieve academic success by offering free peer tutoring services for enrolled students.

Tutoring is not a substitute for class attendance and participation.  You must be attending class regularly to receive tutoring services.

How do I request a Peer Tutor?

What can Peer Tutors help me with?

  • Review and explain content
  • Review course outlines and objectives (syllabi)
  • Clarify information presented by the course faculty
  • Identify and understand concepts
  • Understand how to use the textbook
  • Develop learning strategies

Is there anything Peer Tutors cannot do?

  • Peer Tutors cannot do your homework or
  • Peer Tutors cannot teach material you have not read or heard in class.

What are my responsibilities as the tutored student?

  • Attend all classes
  • Read all assigned material and attempt all assignments
  • Arrive prepared with questions
  • Show up on time for your tutoring session
  • Bring all of your materials: textbook, classroom notes, syllabus, course schedule, assignments, and planner
  • Ask your Peer Tutor to explain anything you do not understand
  • Notify your Peer Tutor if you cannot make a scheduled advising session
  • Complete  Peer Tutoring Evaluation at the end of the semester

How can I become a Peer Tutor?

  • Contact or stop in to see Advisor  in One Stop Shop during regular business hours
  • Complete and submit Peer Tutor Application (BSRS Application; BSN Application)
  • If you meet the qualifications, you can become a Peer Tutor
  • Bellin College pays Peer Tutors $10/hour
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