Distinguished Alumni 2021 Nominees

Thank you to everyone who voted! Voting is now closed. Congratulations to our 2021 Distinguished Alumni Award Winner, Benjamin Englebert, BSN Class of 1997! Read more about Benjamin and all our other distinguished alums below.

Parker Baerenwald  Carrie Collins  Maria Cripe 

Benjamin Englebert  Amanda Hogan  Angela Parmentier    


Parker Baerenwald

Registered Nurse, Bellin Health

Bellin Hospital or College Program: BSN Class of 2018

Describe, with details and examples, why you are nominating this person for the Distinguished Alumni Award:

Parker works in the Cardiac Cath lab and always makes tries to brighten his patients’ day. He is known for his corny jokes and making his patients feel comfortable in a time that is stressful. In other positions, Parker was known for singing with his patients to brighten their day. He works hard and picks up where needed.

How does the nominee exemplify the College’s mission and values?

Parker works hard to achieve excellence and became board certified in his department. He keeps up with current research, resources, and policies to make sure patients are getting the best and safest care.

Parker helps in the community by volunteering at the college and coaching high school volleyball teams. Parker is caring and takes the time to explain situations to patients and their loved ones, getting the doctor when things are unclear about surgeries or procedures, and making sure patients feel comfortable going into a procedure. He lightens the mood by telling jokes and singing to patients. He listens to patients and tends to their needs so they know they have someone they can trust on their journey.

Parker displays honesty and integrity by owning his mistakes and taking actions to correct them. He respectfully calls out his team members when something does not look correct to make sure the patient is safe. Parker had the confidence to tell a doctor that a medication could not be started because it could cause harm with another medication a patient was taking.

Nominated by his spouse, Mallory Krueger.


Carrie Thibadeau Collins

Director of Nursing, Grancare Nursing Center

Bellin Hospital or College Program:  Nursing Diploma Class of 1983

Describe, with details and examples, why you are nominating this person for the Distinguished Alumni Award:

Carrie has been a nurse for 38 years and has been the Director of Nursing at Grancare since 2015. She is so good at what she does and is so well respected that other facilities are always trying to recruit her. Carrie is involved in every aspect of nursing at Grancare, ranging from managing all aspects of the facility, setting up new labs, setting up electronic records partnerships with the local hospitals, in charge of the nursing staff, an infection control nurse, nurse educator, amongst many other things. She will even work with the maintenance crew to get things done.

Carrie is available 24/7 for all of her nurses and always makes herself available. Since she has been at Grancare, she has taken it from a 2-star facility to a 5-star facility and has continued to maintain that star rating. She had two perfect annual state surveys and perfect infection control surveys over the last 3 years. She has maintained her staffing without using a staffing agency. Nurses she has worked with over the years will follow her wherever she goes because they love working with her. Her staff retention rate over the past year was above 82%.

With this past year as challenging as it was due to COVID-19, Carrie did not have any COVID in her building for a whole year as she was very adamant in her monitoring of staff and residents. Her primary concern was to keep the neighbors (residents) safe and healthy. She was continually involved with health education with the state and was always on top of purchasing all the infection protection equipment that was needed to keep her staff and residents safe. She would even be on vacation and would still be on calls to educate herself about COVID-19 and how to protect everyone at Grancare. She had so much passion for doing the right thing and always kept her composure and kept her staff informed and calm.

Brown County Public Health called Grancare a model facility. Her facility has been named Best of the Bay for various years. I am so proud of the nurse that Carrie is, and am nominating her for this prestigious award. Carrie emulates what a star nurse is in that she is passionate about her profession and she cares so much about her staff and the neighbors (residents). Not only does she take charge and lead everything imaginable at Grancare, but she also takes time every day to go through the halls of Grancare and greet and take care of all the neighbors, even doing hands-on care. She will do anything and everything that is needed to keep the staff and neighbors safe, happy, and healthy. She is an excellent pianist and will play piano for the neighbors. Anything to make them feel at home, as she makes Grancare home. If anyone in my family needed long-term nursing care, I would want them to be with Carrie. She is a phenomenal nurse and a very caring person, and someone everyone wants to be a friend with. She is a very distinguished Bellin nursing alumna and is so deserving of this award.

How does the nominee exemplify the College’s mission and values?

Carrie exemplifies the mission and values of a Bellin College graduate. She continuously strives for excellence and turns everything she does into gold. She has always excelled in every aspect of her career, even when she was a surgical nurse at St. Vincent Hospital. She is very involved in the community and has been the President of the Northeast District Nursing Council since 2007. Over the years she has increased member attendance from 10 to 50 members and has improved the networking. She has made the meetings affordable over the years so that they are able to give out nursing scholarships to many students going into long-term care careers. She is on the Nursing Advisory Board at NWTC and helps to develop future nursing staff in our community, and invites nursing students to Grancare for their clinicals. She is on both HSHS and Bellin Hospital committees and collaborates with the hospitals for good continuum of care and good outcomes. She is on various committees at Grancare; Falls Committee; QA Committee and is always looking to make plans to correct and improve. Carrie is very caring and empowers her nurses to be the best. She has the skill and drive to get things done and people respect her immensely. She exudes honesty and always looks to do what is right. She is someone you want on your team. Team gets things done. Carrie is your person. I am so proud to be associated with her. I nominate Carrie Collins, RN.

Nominated by Maureen Raisleger, friend.


Maria Cripe

Registered Nurse, Bellin Health

Bellin Hospital or College Program: BSN Class of 2017, MSN-FNP Class of 2021

Describe, with details and examples, why you are nominating this person for the Distinguished Alumni Award:

Maria was born in Mexico. She came to Wisconsin when she was a child. She remembers being in kindergarten, and not knowing English or what was being taught. She worked so hard in school growing up and was involved in many groups, really excelling and standing out. She started at Bellin College in 2013, overcoming struggles and becoming the first in her family to go to college. She graduated in 2017 and became a citizen shortly after. After graduating with her BSN, she worked in labor and delivery and was a great sense of comfort for her patients.

After a few years she started working at Clinic Espanol in Green Bay, helping medicare and Medicaid patients. This clinic serves a lot of minorities and lower-income patients. Her skills excelled at the clinic, as she served the community she grew up in. When COVID-19 hit, the clinic was overwhelmed with new trials. She became a leader, and was phenomenal at coordinating care and maneuvering through the new normal. During her time at the clinic, she also came back to Bellin College to become an FNP, balancing both tasks with ease.

How does the nominee exemplify the College’s mission and values?

Excellence – being the best.
Maria never settles. When it comes to her homework-she is always going above and beyond. Checking and double-checking her work, studying and completely understanding the content she is learning and how she will apply it in her new position as a FNP.

Community – partnership and shared participation.
Maria has gone on mission trips to Haiti to provide medical care for those in need. She also is an advocate for the non-English speaking community and equal rights for all.

Caring – empowering relationships based on empathy and respect.
When you talk to Maria, you are instantly put at ease. She is comforting and a great listener. When you talk to her, you know you have her full attention. She is considerate of others and how life can effect them. She is a great person to have around, and always has a big smile on her face.

Integrity – honest and ethical behavior.
When it comes to integrity, Maria has it. She has a strong moral compass. She is forgiving and authentic.

Nominated by friend and fellow 2017 grad, Allison Gries.


Benjamin Englebert

Registered Nurse, SWAT Supervisor, Bellin Health

Bellin Hospital or College Program:  BSN Class of 1997

Describe, with details and examples, why you are nominating this person for the Distinguished Alumni Award:

I wish to nominate Benjamin (Ben) Englebert for the Bellin College Distinguished Alumni award. Ben is a very hardworking person and has proved to be a fantastic representative of the nursing profession. It has been my privilege to know and be a co-worker of this exceptional nurse.

I have seen Ben ascend from a new RN graduate to a SWAT Nurse and Nursing Supervisor. I started working with Ben in 1997 on the Orthopedic floor at Bellin Hospital. During a night shift, a discussion about caring for more critical patients occurred, and the decision was made to apply and transfer to the Intermediate Care Unit, and Ben eventually ended up transitioning to the Intensive Care Unit. Hospitals during this time in the early 2000s began developing rapid response teams, and Ben was one of the first members of this team at Bellin Hospital. He was involved with establishing, creating, and shaping this team and integrating it within the normal functions of the hospital. This position gave floor nurses access to an additional resource, that experienced nurse, to ask for advice when your gut is telling you something is not right, but you just cannot put your finger on it.

You may ask, what is does a “SWAT” nurse do? It has been said that a SWAT nurse does anything anyone else does not know how to do, is unable to do, or just plain does not want to do. It is not uncommon in one 12-hour shift to see Ben bringing patients to the Cath Lab and then help the CVL team, assist in the Emergency Department or ICU, start IV’s, draw blood, call in surgery crews, help stabilize a patient on the medical floor that is having trouble breathing, and be available to comfort patient families when things are not going as hoped. This is just a small sample of what Ben does. He has a wealth of nursing knowledge and experience. Being part of the SWAT team, Ben continually pushes to make sure patients are getting the most appropriate and evidence-based care. He was one of the key
persons implementing a Medical Early Warning System (MEWS) to help identify patients that may be developing sepsis or other complications.

Over the last year, health care has definitely changed, and Ben has stepped up to the challenge. He has been on the front line caring for COVID-19 patients not only in the ICU, but wherever the patients may be, on the medical unit or Emergency Department. Ben has a passion for helping others, being with patients, and encouraging them to recover from their illnesses. Sometimes it is not easy, and things are not going the way everyone would like, Ben has always been a steady rock to patients and families to get through these difficult times. He is dedicated to the nursing profession and always does everything possible to make his patients comfortable.

Working hours of the nurse, especially an acute care nurse, are long and tiresome, but Ben has found time to volunteer at the college to help students. He has been a participant in guiding students in code simulations and the yearly disaster simulation. It is important to Ben those students are ready for nursing
when they leave the college. He has touched and enhanced so many people’s lives, he has been a fantastic asset to the nursing profession. I cannot think of anybody more meriting this honor, than Ben Englebert.

How does the nominee exemplify the College’s mission and values?

As an exemplary healthcare professional, Ben is on the front lines caring for the sickest and most difficult patients. It is not always the easiest work, but it is an extremely rewarding career. Ben continually strives to be the best nurse, caregiver, leader, companion, and hand holder. He is honest and answers all questions truthfully and to the best of his ability. He develops trusting relationships with his patients, coworkers, and medical providers. He goes above and beyond to make sure his patients and families have all that they need, even if it is just sitting with the patient for a while. The education that Ben has received from Bellin College has instilled his passion for life-long learning, making sure nursing care provided is the most a up to date, innovative care, patients can receive. Ben has volunteered his time, to share his knowledge and expertise with nursing students, as he knows these students are the future of the profession and he wants to help lead them to the best start of their career.

Nominated by Bonnie Luebke, Co-worker

Amanda Hogan


Dr. Amanda Hogan

Diagnostic Medical Sonography Program Director / Assistant Professor, Bellin College

Bellin Hospital or College Program:  Radiologic Science Certificate Class of 2009

Describe, with details and examples, why you are nominating this person for the Distinguished Alumni Award:

Ashley: Amanda is inspiring with how much she has accomplished professionally and personally. She has graduated from X-ray school and ultrasound school, excelled at ultrasound, and became the program director of the new ultrasound program at Bellin College. She continued to grow her family as she is still and is an inspiration for all!

Gena: Amanda is a thoughtful, kind person who spends every moment of her time helping others and making everyone around her feel welcome and understood. I worked in Bellin Health Imaging Department when Amanda was a student in the program. From the start, she soaked up knowledge and never stopped asking how we can do it better and more efficiently while also helping others. She left the area after graduation and I lost contact with her but was delighted to see her back…and coming to work here at Bellin College. She had obtained more degrees by then and had truly excelled in her career. I’ve seen Amanda in the classroom and in meetings. She always tries to see the positive in any situation and is part of the solution to many problems.

How does the nominee exemplify the College’s mission and values?

Ashley: Amanda has always been highly motivated and passionate about what she does. She has taken initiative to continue to educate herself and others. She has always stood out amongst others, in college and after. Amanda puts her heart into teaching her students and helping them excel! 

Gena: Amanda takes the values of the college to heart and lives them every day. She encourages her students to be the best, and not only in academics. She encourages them to be positive members of their own communities and of the Bellin College community. Not once in the time I’ve known her has her integrity ever been questioned. She lives each day with the highest level of honesty. She cares for those around her as if they were members of her own family.

Nominated by friend and fellow classmate, Ashley (Thornton) Pirlot and co-worker Gena Van Domelen.


Dr. Angela Parmentier

FNP Program Coordinator / Assistant Professor of Nursing

Bellin Hospital or College Program:  BSN Class of 2004

Describe, with details and examples, why you are nominating this person for the Distinguished Alumni Award:

Since graduating from Bellin College of Nursing in 2004 with her bachelor’s degree, Angela has strived to attain excellence not only in her clinical practice but also in furthering the professional practice of nursing. Angela has participated in research, mentored future graduate and under-graduate nurses, and now has dedicated time to assist Bellin College with advancing its terminal degree program for nurse practitioners with the design of a DNP program.

How does the nominee exemplify the College’s mission and values?

Angela has always strived to achieve excellence in her clinical practice to ensure her patients receive the best care. She has expanded the community she serves to not just include where she lives, but the nursing community as a whole and the academic and research community by contributing to bodies of knowledge for others to benefit from.

Angela values caring as the cornerstone of her clinical and professional practice. She has stated to me that caring for people was the main goal of her career and being able to expand her own practice and help others learn this value has given her tremendous fulfillment knowing that the more students she mentors, the more people will be able to receive care.

Lastly, Angela values integrity by ensuring that the care and guidance she provides to patients and students is equitable. Angela recognizes that certain populations are underserved and under-represented, and she strives to be cognizant of diversity and inclusion whenever possible.

Nominated by fellow classmate, Karissa (Ellis) Singleton.

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