BSN Sophomore Transfer Option

2017-2018 Tuition and Fees Schedule

Tuition charges listed are for planning purposes only and are subject to change. Tuition and Fees Schedules are updated and published annually. The charges shown below do not incorporate estimated annual tuition increases. Students who do not follow the published Bellin curriculum plan may have tuition charges adjusted accordingly. For more information, contact the Bellin College Bursar office.

Tuition Rate

  • Bellin College tuition is based upon a per-credit rate.
  • The Nursing Course tuition rate for the 2017-2018 academic year is $998 per credit.
  • The Bellin College General Education course tuition rate for the 2017-2018 academic year is $324 per credit.
  • See Dual Enrollment section below for more information on General Education course costs.

Estimated BSN Sophomore Transfer Program Option
Tuition & Fee Schedule by College Level

 College Level Summer Fall Spring Fees Total  
Freshman   $2,994     $385 $3,379  
Sophomore     $8,982 $6,986 $730 $16,698  
Junior     $10,978 $9,980 $600 $21,558  
Senior     $11,976 $11,976 $805 $24,757  
Total Tuition and Fees Nursing         $66,392 64 credits
Total Gen Ed Fees for Program (Based on $324 per credit. This cost could vary depending on the institution)         $18,144 56 credits
Estimated Total for Nursing Program         $84,536  

* General Education Course tuition estimate calculated based on tuition rate of $324 per credit hour. This cost could vary depending on the institution where courses are taken.

**Please see the Fee Definitions page for a specific cost breakdown of fees for this program.

**Please see the Academic Plan for prerequisites and parameters for this option.

 Dual Enrollment

Students who are dually enrolled at another campus for the purpose of completing general education courses should add the appropriate tuition and fees charged by that campus to the Bellin College tuition and fees calculations in order to estimate all charges for the academic year. Bellin College students who are dually enrolled at UW-Green Bay may elect to live in campus housing on the respective campus. The appropriate Room & Board charges should also be included in total expenses for the academic year. Students may wish to review the tuition and fees information posted on the website of the college(s) where general education courses are to be taken. Below are links to tuition and fees websites of sample campuses where Bellin College students often enroll in general education courses.

***Please see the local general education options page for links to tuition and fees websites of area campuses.

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