RN to BSN Completion Program

Bellin College’s RN to BSN completion program allows Registered Nurses to advance their nursing career by earning a Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN) in 2 years! – 100% Online. 

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General Admission Requirements:

  • An Associate Degree in Nursing (ADN) 
  • A minimum GPA of 2.5 is preferred
  • Unencumbered RN license in state of residency and/or practice
  • Enter with 66-70 transfer credits completed from Associate Degree in Nursing (ADN).

How to Apply

Application Procedure Checklist

Download a copy of the Application Procedure checklist for the RN to BSN Completion program.


  • Start your Bellin College Application for Admission.*
    Applying to Bellin College is FREE with our online application.
    You will need to create a Username and Password (make note of these somewhere for future reference as you will continue to work within this application portal to later finish your application and monitor your documents).
  • Once you are logged into the application, Select “Applicant Information” from the left column. Fill in all information within this section (ending with local email field).
  • Upon completion, hit “Save and Next” at the bottom and a notification of your online application portal creation will be sent to Admissions. Within three (3) business days, you will be contacted by one of our Admissions Counselors. Your Admissions Counselor will work with and advise you as to when and how to take the next steps with your application at the appropriate time.


In addition, please provide the following:

  • Personal Resume (see guidelines)
  • Personal Statement (see guidelines)
  • Official transcripts from all post-secondary institutions
    Order from your college(s) and have them sent to:

Bellin College Admissions
3201 Eaton Road
Green Bay, WI, 54311


Once your application is complete, it will be reviewed and you will be notified of the outcome.

NOTE: Your application must be complete in order to meet any deadline and is not considered complete until the Admissions Office has received all required items as outlined above.

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* Printable PDF application available by request from

Admission Requirements
  • An Associate Degree in Nursing (ADN) 
  • A minimum GPA of 2.5 is preferred
  • Unencumbered RN license in state of residency and/or practice
  • Enter with 66-70 transfer credits completed from Associate Degree in Nursing (ADN).
  • Completed online application
  • Personal resume 
  • Personal statement 
  • Official transcripts from all post-secondary educational institutions (see below for more information)

Once admitted into the RN to BSN program, you will need to submit the following:

  • Immunizations/Health History Records
  • Drug Screen
  • Criminal Background Check
Official Transcripts

Official transcripts for all colleges/universities attended must be submitted as part of the application process. If course(s) are in-progress (IP) at the time of credit evaluation, official transcripts must be presented after the course(s) are completed. 

Students will be granted 66-70 credits based on their ADN degree.  Other general education credits will be honored if they meet our requirements. 

Official transcripts should be sent to:
Bellin College Admissions
3201 Eaton Rd.
Green Bay, WI 54311

Immunization Requirements

The following immunizations are required to participate in the Bellin College clinical settings and to progress in the curriculum plans. All students will upload immunization documents into CastleBranch, Inc. to show proof of date and completion of their immunization requirements. Any declination of vaccines will put the student’s ability to advance through the curriculum in jeopardy. Blood titers showing immunity must be documented as “antibodies present”, “immune”, or have an ISR value of 1.10 or higher.

Measles Positive immune blood titer or dates of two (2) vaccines.
Mumps Positive immune blood titer or dates of two (2) vaccines.
Rubella Positive immune blood titer or dates of two (2) vaccines.
Positive immune blood titer or dates of two (2) vaccines. If you have had Chickenpox, you will need a blood titer. If you’ve had Varicella (Chickenpox), you must provide documented results of a positive blood titer showing proof of sufficient immunity. History or documentation of the disease IS NOT acceptable proof of immunity.
Hepatitis B Positive immune blood titer. If vaccine series was completed more than six (6) months ago, documentation of that series (3 shots) will be adequate. If titer was performed within 1-6 months after series and is non-immune, additional shots and titer(s) will be required up to a maximum of six (6) shots. Immune titer is required if the last dose is within six (6) months.
Meningococcal Date of one (1) vaccine, or signed declination.
Tetanus Td or Tdap is required. A booster is required every 10 years.
Flu Vaccine Clinical requirements and recommendations from the Center for Disease Control (CDC) indicate flu vaccines are mandatory. Each clinical site will have flu season
protocol/requirements that students will be expected to abide by; which includes proof of compliance in receiving the flu vaccination. Flu vaccines are administered for free at the College in the fall of the academic year.

Tuberculosis Testing:
The Wisconsin Administrative Code states that all persons having direct contact with hospital patients must be assessed for the presence of active pulmonary tuberculosis. It is a requirement of all applicants to have two (2) TB tests before admission. The 2-step TB screening involves receiving the test, then returning to have it read within a specific time period. The second step involves the process repeated one (1) to three (3) weeks after the 1st TB skin test. Once enrolled as a Bellin College student, annual screening is mandatory during the month of March. January entry students will obtain their annual skin test in November.

If the student converts (positive skin test) on her/his annual health assessment or has had a past positive TB skin test, a baseline chest x-ray is required and the student must follow-up with her/his health care provider for treatment. A written statement is required from treating health care provider regarding clinical status/restrictions. A Quantiferon test is also acceptable. An annual review of TB signs and symptoms will be required thereafter. Bellin College will not be held liable for payment for quantiferon blood tests, chest x-rays, or further medical care.

TB skin tests are free of charge for Bellin College students if given by Occupational Health Services. Vaccines and blood tests are discounted. Payments must be cash only (checks and other forms of payment are not accepted). To receive the discounted pricing, incoming students are to identify self as a Bellin College student when making appointments and at the time of service.

Please note: The Signs/Symptoms sheets are available from the Bellin College Admissions Department.

Resources to obtain TB testing and/or immunizations are as follows:

  • Primary health care providers.
  • Bellin Occupational Health (Bellevue location, 3263 Eaton Road) for TB tests, titers, and some vaccines. Call (920) 430-4560 for an appointment.
  • Bellin Occupational Health (Ashwaubenon location, 1630 Commanche Ave.) for TB tests, titers, and some vaccines. Call 920-433-4560 for an appointment.
Drug Screen

Drug screening prior to entry is mandatory. The Dean of Student Services will review the confidential drug screen results. Any applicant whose drug screen reports the use of illegal drugs may have their admission canceled. Drug screens need to be completed through the Bellin Occupational Health clinic.

Criminal Background Check

In compliance with the Wisconsin Caregiver Background Check and Investigation Legislation, a background check will be completed upon acceptance into Bellin College.

Applicants who have been convicted of specific crimes/offenses that would bar them from clinical experiences as a student or employment and/or licensure as a caregiver will not be admitted to the College. A background check approved by the College does not guarantee successful clinical placement. Any clinical agency reserves the right to complete a criminal background check and to ban a student from clinical experiences based on the results of the background check. The Dean of Student Services has the ability to grant entrance on an individual basis.


Please contact Bellin College Admissions at,
(920) 433-6650, or use our online contact form.

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