Language barrier didn’t keep student from her dreams

Student uses sonography equipment.

Jennie Fonseca practices sonography in the lab on campus.

My name is Jennie and I am a junior in the sonography program at Bellin College. I was born in Honduras and I came to the United States when I was 10 years old. I did not know any English when I came to this country and I learned it as I went to school.  It took me around two years to fully understand English, but to this day I am still learning new words. 

Coming to this country gave me the opportunity to learn a new culture and being able to study whatever I wanted. Growing up, no one in my family was in the medical field and I thought to myself what I great way to be able to help people on a daily basis.

Student in costume in Honduras.

Jennie Fonseca dressed up in costume in Honduras.

I knew I wanted to go to school for something that would help people because when I came to this country we had a lot of people who helped our family out, so I wanted to the same. I got an interest in sonography after high school, but the college that was offering the program at the time had a long waiting period. During that time I took all my general classes and received an associate degree in health care business.

Then I found out that  Bellin College was offering the sonography program and applied right away.  I took a tour after I applied and I loved it even more because of everything the school has to offer. I was so excited when I got accepted in the second class ever in the sonography program at Bellin College.

Jennie Fonseca

Jennie Fonseca, originally from Honduras, is a part of the second class to graduate from Bellin College’s sonography program.

To have English as my second language in my background has not stopped me from achieving my goals. For one day to become a sonographer and be able to give back to the community and for some day to be able to do ultrasounds in Honduras for the less fortunate people who cannot afford them.   Bellin college has given me all the opportunities and help I need to succeed in my program. I am forever grateful with my professors and classmates for everything that I have learned and continue learning as I get further into my program.

— Jennie Fonseca is a junior in the sonography program at Bellin College, graduating in 2020.

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