Brother helps spark interest in medical field

Photo of Rebekah Hammond, class of 2020.

Rebekah Hammond, class of 2020.

My name is Rebekah Hammond, I am currently a sophomore in the class of BSDMS 2020. I have a large family and was home-schooled through high school. I figured out what I wanted to be a part of the medical field in some way when I was a teenager. I had a brother that was an X-ray tech and he told me all about how rewarding it was to be in the medical field, so I knew right away it was something I would be passionate about.

I shadowed him in high school and decided to check out the ultrasound unit there. I was so intrigued I decided to pursue sonography as soon as I graduated high school. I took some general education courses while working for a few years and saw that Bellin College had a new diagnostic sonography program. I toured the college and found out more about the program. I thought that it was the perfect fit because of all the unique aspects it had to offer.

Rebekah Hammond, class of 2020, with her husband, Tyler Hammond.

Rebekah Hammond, class of 2020, with her husband, Tyler Hammond.

Since I started this program I have not stopped learning from my instructors and peers. I love the fact it is a smaller College, that I will have a bachelor’s degree and be board certified when I graduate. Being the second class ever in the ultrasound program here and experiencing the quality and time that is put into it, it is very exciting to know that more people will have the opportunity to be a part of such a great program.

Rebekah Hammond

BSDMS 2020

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